グーグルが Jaiku、Buzz などをバッサリ

Posted in グーグル by shiro on 2011年10月16日

Google Voice Pulled Amid iOS 5 Massive Fail | ParisLemon

I have hundreds of apps. The only one that I’ve seen that’s affected by the move to iOS 5 is Google Voice. It crashes every – single – time.

I know I bitch about this a lot, but I really can’t understand for the life of me why Google doesn’t take more pride in their work on iOS. Yes, I know the focus is on Android. But it’s still their own name they’re sullying. Always better to release nothing than to release shit.

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Google Seppukus Jaiku, Buzz | ParisLemon

With Jaiku, what a shame. Just imagine if Google would have realized what they had all those years ago. Instead they let the product rot as they tried to squeeze the founders into other failed social projects.

Even sadder, I just assumed they had killed it off years ago.

As for Buzz. Finally. It’s been dead for ages, Google just refused to admit it until they were sure Google+ would get some traction. Massive fail.

A fall sweep  —  We aspire to build great products … (Bradley Horowitz/The Official Google Blog) | Techmeme