How BlackBerry blew it: The inside story

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How BlackBerry blew it: The inside story | The Globe and Mail

Sean Silcoff, Jacquie McNish, and Steve Ladurantaye:

To Mr. Lazaridis, a life-long tinkerer who had built an oscilloscope and computer while in high school, the iPhone was a device that broke all the rules. The operating system alone took up 700 megabytes of memory, and the device used two processors. The entire BlackBerry ran on one processor and used 32 MB. Unlike the BlackBerry, the iPhone had a fully Internet-capable browser. That meant it would strain the networks of wireless companies like AT&T Inc., something those carriers hadn’t previously allowed. RIM by contrast used a rudimentary browser that limited data usage.

“I said, ‘How did they get AT&T to allow [that]?’ Mr. Lazaridis recalled in the interview at his Waterloo office. “ ‘It’s going to collapse the network.’ And in fact, some time later it did.”

How BlackBerry Blew It: The Inside Story | Daring Fireball

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The figurative sales of iPhones and BlackBerries

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The figurative sales of iPhones and BlackBerries | asymco

The Critical Path #97: Squealing in Delight | 5by5

Horace discusses AirShow NYC and his appearance on Bloomberg Surveillance, alongside blockbuster opening weekend sales of 9 million iPhone 5s/c units. We look ahead to what else Apple may have in store through sustaining and disruptive innovation.

Surprise! Google chairman Eric Schmidt uses.. a BlackBerry

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Surprise! Google chairman Eric Schmidt uses.. a BlackBerry | Technology |

Eric Schmidt uses a BlackBerry. Why? He likes the keyboard, he says.

Google’s Eric Schmidt uses a BlackBerry | The Loop

They deserve each other.

Eric Schmidt Uses a BlackBerry | Daring Fireball


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BlackBerry Names Alicia Keys ‘Global Creative Director’

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The Keep Moving Projects with BlackBerry 10 | YouTube

Stars & Smartphones | Om Malik

When reading Kevin Tofel’s live blog of Blackberry 10 launch, I saw that Alicia Keys was invited on stage to help with the launch and give it a little bump. [She is the new global creative director at RIM, by the way.] It reminded me of the Windows Phone launch with Jessica Alba coming out as a celebrity endorser. I wonder why these companies think they need endorsement from these so called stars. It is not like they are huge influentials and make a purchasing decision easy. Interesting, at Apple launch events, the only star is the iPhone.

BlackBerry Names Alicia Keys ‘Global Creative Director‘ | Daring Fireball

At Apple launch events, the only star is the iPhone” | The Loop