You Don’t Have to Tweet to Twitter

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Report: 44% of Twitter Accounts Have Never Sent a Tweet | WSJ

You Don’t Have to Tweet to Twitter | Above the Crowd – By Bill Gurley

The Value of Twitter | – By Ben Bajarin

Twitter as a blank canvas | Benedict Evans

A New Glue For A New Kingdom

BYOD/SIM-only is becoming quite significant in the UK

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ますます本格化する SIM フリーへの流れ・・・

BYOD/SIM-only is becoming quite … | Twitter / BenedictEvans

Headline UK SIM-only BYOD deals. … | Twitter / BenedictEvans

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★Apple Event: iPhone 5c and 5s

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5by5 Specials #22: Apple Event: iPhone 5c and 5s | 5by5

今回の iPhone イベントのポッドキャストではこれがいちばんオモシロい・・・

Dan is joined by Christina Warren, Horace Dediu, Benedict Evans, and Haddie Cooke to discuss their thoughts on the September 10th Apple Event announcing the iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, and more.

5by5 Specials #22: Apple Event: iPhone 5c and 5s | asymco

Episode 001: C is for Cubed

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Episode 001: C is for Cubed | Cubed Podcast

3人の Ben の新しいポッドキャスト — オモシロい!

Hosted by Ben Bajarin, Benedict Evans, and Ben Thompson, the Cubed Podcast is a discussion about technology with a focus on strategy.

Cubed Podcast, Episode 1 | John Gruber

New podcast featuring an all-star team: Ben Bajarin, Benedict Evans, and Ben Thompson. Nice.

Who cares that Android is ‘open’?

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Who cares that Android is ‘open’? | The Loop

– Less than a tenth of Android users care that it’s open

– The number of people who care that Android is open is about the same as the number of people who run Linux

This was a fascinating read.

Counting geeks: who cares that Android is ‘open’? | Benedict Evans

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Benedict Evans: ‘On Market Share’

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Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 11.38.35 PM

On market share | Benedict Evans

However, there’s a rather important problem with looking at the data like this: there is no such thing as a “smartphone market”. Or rather, talking about the “smartphone market” is like talking about the “3G” market or the “colour screen phone” market: you’re picking out a sub-segment that is going to grow to take over the whole market. And ignoring the growth. […]

The whole mobile phone market is converting to smart. Apple is taking the high end and Android is taking the rest. Both are growing very fast, and Android is growing faster. But what matters is phone share, not smartphone share.

Benedict Evans: ‘On Market Share’ | Daring Fireball

Apple, open and learning from history

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Apple, open and learning from history | Benedict Evans

In other words, Apple has product/market fit in the phone market in a way that it never had in the personal computer market. All of the key dynamics that doomed it in the computer market are fundamentally different in the phone market — this time, they all work in Apple’s favour, and in favour of the high-end market in general.

Apple, Open, and Learning From History | Daring Fireball

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Apple tipping points – up or down?

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Google’s penetration of Android

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Google’s penetration of Android | Benedict Evans

ほんとのところ純正 Android の割合はどの程度か・・・

Google’s Penetration of Android | Daring Fireball

The Verge Live: Samsung Galaxy S4 event | YouTube

イベントのハイライトは 32:00 ごろから。その直後の Nilay Patel のコメントが辛辣・・・


グーグルはどこまでアンドロイドを支配しているか | maclalala2