Tech History is Being Made Not Repeated

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You Don’t Have to Tweet to Twitter

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Report: 44% of Twitter Accounts Have Never Sent a Tweet | WSJ

You Don’t Have to Tweet to Twitter | Above the Crowd – By Bill Gurley

The Value of Twitter | – By Ben Bajarin

Twitter as a blank canvas | Benedict Evans

What Mobile Can Learn from the PC Industry

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Life Changing Tech

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Life Changing Tech |

“May I talk to Steve please” | The Loop

This is such a great story on what can happen if your phone number shows up on the news just after Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone.

★On Forking Android

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Android とひと括りにすべきではない・・・

Neither Microsoft, Nokia, nor anyone else should fork Android. It’s unforkable. | Ars Technica

Android isn’t designed to be forked. With GMS, Google has deliberately designed Android to resist forking. Suggestions that Microsoft scrap its own operating system in favor of such a fork simply betray a lack of understanding of the way Google has built the Android platform.

On Forking Android | Daring Fireball

Google vs. Android | Tech.pinions

Google vs. Android | The Loop

The Mac Then and the iPad Now

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What I love about Apple’s Strategy

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iPad Air レビュー

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The iPad Air | Daring Fireball [John Gruber]

For me, personally, with my primary uses of the iPad being reading web pages, Twitter, email, and books,2 the larger display of the Air doesn’t have as much appeal. I think I’m going to hold out and buy a new iPad Mini for myself. But it’s a damn close call.

きわどい差 | maclalala2

Review: iPad Air | The Loop [Jim Dalrymple]

The iPad Air Review | AnandTech [Anand Lal Shimpi]

Speed and Power Packed Into a Thin iPad Air | AllThingsD [Walt Mossberg]

The Pogue Review: iPad Air | A Note from Pogue [David Pogue]

NY タイムズをやめた(やめる?)Pogue・・・

Lighter and Faster, It’s iPad Air | [Damon Darlin]

Pogue の後任?

The iPad Air –A Truly Mass Market Personal Computer | Tech.pinions [Ben Bajarin]

今回から Ben Bajarin も・・・

Episode 001: C is for Cubed

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Episode 001: C is for Cubed | Cubed Podcast

3人の Ben の新しいポッドキャスト — オモシロい!

Hosted by Ben Bajarin, Benedict Evans, and Ben Thompson, the Cubed Podcast is a discussion about technology with a focus on strategy.

Cubed Podcast, Episode 1 | John Gruber

New podcast featuring an all-star team: Ben Bajarin, Benedict Evans, and Ben Thompson. Nice.

The PC Industry of the Past Is Not the PC Industry of the Future

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Time concept: Time for Change on smartphone

The PC Industry of the Past Is Not the PC Industry of the Future | Tech.pinions

Apple has and always will be a consumer company. They simply struggled until there was a true consumer market. Now they find success where others have not simply because they have always had a vision of creating products for ordinary folk. Apple simply had to wait more than two decades for their true market to emerge. Now, emerge it has and its billions strong.

Apple had to wait two decades “for their true market to emerge” | The Loop

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