Apple TV – the next generation?

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Apple’s annual shareholder meeting

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Tim Cook to shareholders: iPhone 5s & 5c outpace predecessors, Apple bought 23 companies in 16 months | AppleInsider

Facts and Figures From Apple’s Shareholder Meeting | Daring Fireball

Cook talks Apple TV, iMessage, innovation at shareholders meeting as all management proposals approved | The Loop

Apple Sold $1 Billion Apple TVs in 2013 – Tim Cook | Re/code

Apple TV and iPhone Displays

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iPhone Math: Nine comes after four | The Tech Block

Boosting the pixel density at a given size means boosting the resolution, which poses problems. Some believe that Apple should just adopt the industry standard 1080p. I don’t think that would be a bad idea per se, especially if the Apple TV could run apps, but it can make things even more complicated for developers — complications that have the potential of devaluing iOS’s greatest asset, the quality of third-party software.

Apple TV and iPhone Displays | Daring Fireball

I’ve seen similar sentiments before, that a 1920 × 1080 iPhone could be a boon to turning Apple TV into an app platform, because that’s the resolution of most modern HD TV sets. This makes no sense.

No app designed for a handheld touchscreen could work well on a non-touch TV screen. It’s absurd. I’d love to see Apple TV gain an App Store and third-party apps. I think it’s something Apple would do, and might be working on. But such apps would be their own new thing. They would not be iPad or iPhone apps. That TV displays are 1920 × 1080 has no bearing whatsoever on whether Apple would ever make a 1920 × 1080 iPhone. None.

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The enduring Apple TV Fantasy

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The enduring Apple TV Fantasy | Monday Note

My belief is that Apple TV sales numbers will continue to increase as the device is slowly, patiently improved and the ecosystem is enhanced. In a not-too-distant future we’ll see explicit Apple TV apps, similar to those on iPhones and iPads.

And someday, Apple will reach a limited agreement with a carrier such as Comcast. The enhanced experience will create a wedge — and will spur competitors. As a result, TV will at last become “modern” — sitting down in front of your TV set will no longer send you time traveling to 1992.

The enduring Apple TV Fantasy | parislemon

That’s my guess how this plays out as well. First we’ll get a third-party app SDK for the existing Apple TVs, perhaps next year. That will set the stage for the next generation hardware, which may still be less of a TV and more of a powerful set-top box. Then comes a deal with someone like Comcast, which will Apple will try to use as leverage to get other cable companies in line with their undoubtedly strict terms. And then perhaps actual television hardware.

In other words, the iPhone strategy.

グーグルの DNS サーバを使うとダウンロードが遅くなる

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Google DNS

iTunes slowdowns with Google DNS | joe maller

Last night we tried to rent an iTunes movie on our newish Apple TV. Instead of starting right away, the Apple TV said it would be 2+ hours before we could start watching. I’ve got a healthy 15-20Mb/s connection and a clean wire to the Apple TV, so this shouldn’t be happening.

A little bit of research turned up a surprising fix: Don’t use Google DNS.

iTunes Store Slowdowns With Google DNS | Daring Fireball

I had the same thing happen last week. Horrendously slow downloads on my Apple TV, despite a fine network connection. Switching from Google DNS to my default DNS servers (Comcast) fixed it.

Apple TV 4.1 のすべて

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AirPlay はビッグビジネス

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Interview: Apple’s AirPlay is a big, big business | Computerworld Blogs


Perhaps you didn’t see it, but Apple last week helped create a brand-new $15 billion business when it introduced its new AirPlay music streaming system, which it is licensing to third party developers.

Forget Apple TV. AirPlay Is Apple’s Sneak Attack On Television | Gizmodo

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Apple TVでテレビ番組配信83円! 日本はいまだ鎖国状態 | 林 伸夫「Long and Winding Mac」





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新型Apple TVで浮き彫りになった事情 | せからしか.com

〈これじゃ NHK の映像コンテンツ公開など未来永劫できそうにない・・・









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iOS ベースの Apple TV なんてうまくいくわけないよ

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iOS on an Apple TV? A VERY Bad Idea | AppleMatters

Now, slam iOS on an Apple TV. How do you use any of the apps? How do you fire up, say, the Weather app? In iOS you touch it. Chances are your TV doesn’t have a touch sensitive screen. So you can’t launch the app by touching it. The obvious solution is to add a cursor to the Apple TV remote right? Well, maybe not. When you touch something in iOS it launches, just a pointer won’t do that because if it did you’d launch every app you accidentally hovered over. Well, you could add a button, just one, so that the app wouldn’t launch until you actually clicked the button. Congrats you’ve just invented the mouse.

It actually is a bit more problematic than all that. Designing for touch instead of mouse click goes a lot deeper than replacing your finger with a cursor. Let’s use Flight Control (a popular game for iOS) as an example. The idea behind Flight Control is that you direct various aircraft to land at specific spots using your finger. It works great on an iOS device where you can use your fingers, but it would be horrible trying to direct the planes with a mouse from across the room. You may argue that the Wii does exactly that and you’ll be correct, but the telling difference is that the Wii games were designed with the Wii-mote in mind. In short, expecting Apple to come up with some kludge to make a remote act like your finger on your non-touch screen TV is too much to ask.

At the event expect to see an updated iPod touch but don’t count on much with the Apple TV. If an iOS Apple TV does show up, sell your Apple shares because despite iOS, Apple will have lost its touch.

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