Intermission: Pause and rewind live audio

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Intermission: Pause and rewind live audio | Rogue Amoeba

Intermission | John Gruber

If I told you there was a cool new Mac app for pausing and rewinding live Internet audio streams — think TiVo for radio — I bet you’d say, “That sounds like something Rogue Amoeba would make.” Well, you’d be right.

Google’s most advanced voice search has arrived on iOS

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Google’s most advanced voice search has arrived on iOS | Google Official Blog

You can get answers to an increasingly wide variety of questions thanks to Knowledge Graph, which gives our search technology an understanding of people, places and things in the real world.

Enhanced voice search on the Google Search App | YouTube

New Google Search App With Siri-Like Voice Responses Finally Approved For iOS | Search Engine Land

Announced in August, Google’s new Google Search app for iOS has been apparently stuck in Apple’s app approval process for over two months. No longer. Google’s just announced that the new app is out.

Curious Timing | Daring Fireball

One possible explanation: there were technical problems or guideline violations that Google needed to fix. The other: Apple froze it in the queue out of spite, because Google Voice Search compares so favorably to Siri.

Intriguingly, the update finally appeared in the App Store on October 30 — the day after Scott Forstall was ousted.

微妙なタイミング | maclalala2

Siri の強敵現わる | maclalala2

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Washington Post の iPad アプリは悪くないと思うが・・・

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The Washington Post App for iPad | YouTube

〈ウォーターゲートの看板記者 Bob Woodward まで引っ張りだしているところは本気?〉

Ben Bradlee reveals the wonders of The Post’s new iPad to Bob Woodward.

The Washington Post App for iPad | Daring Fireball

I love this trend of creating high-production value movies to promote apps.

世界一年寄りくさいiPadアプリ | TechCrunch Japan

上に貼った新iPadアプリのプロモーションビデオがやたらと年寄りくさいことによる効果も期待できない。ビデオはPost紙の畏敬すべきBob Woodward記者と畏敬すべきBen Bradlee元編集長が照れくさそうに笑いをとろうとするところから始まる。しかしこれが面白くない。完全にスベっている(Bradleeが何とか救ってくれそうだったが、今のところWoodwardを支えるのに精一杯)。私はこれを見てもアプリを試そうという気にならなかった。ビデオに登場する若手の編集スタッフでさえ全くわかっていないように見えた。

The World’s Most Geriatric iPad App | TechCrunch

It doesn’t help that the video above promoting the new iPad app makes it feel so geriatric. It stars the Post’s venerable reporter Bob Woodward alongside its venerable former editor Ben Bradlee, and self-consciously pokes fun at itself. But the video is not funny. It just falls flat. (Bradlee almost saves it, but he can only carry Woodward so far). It certainly doesn’t make me want to try the app. Even the younger newsroom staff in the video come across as clueless.

MUJI Calendar — 無印良品の iPad アプリ

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無印良品のiPadアプリ、MUJI Calendar をリリースいたしました | fladdict


無印良品から突如リリースされたiPad Appシリーズより、MUJI Calendarをやらせていただきました。

半年ぐらいの長丁場でしたが、大分いい感じのものになったかと。 個人の新作アプリがしばらく沈黙ぎみだったのは、ずっとこれやってたからです。

MUJI Apps for iPad / iPhone | MUJI

MUJI’s scheduler for iPad is so instinctive and smooth to use that it becomes part of your life before you realize it.

Pinch-in and pinch-out gestures take you to the pages you want. Even a packed schedule is easy to see.

Muji iPhone and iPad apps |

The Japanese no-brand retailer Muji is taking an interesting approach to their iPhone and iPad apps. Instead of just having a product catalog/store app (although they have that too), they’re also offering apps that are very much like the products they offer in their real-world stores. There’s a simple calendaring app that syncs with Google Calendar, a notebook app for sketching and note-taking, and an app called Muji to Go that combines a bunch of different functions that travellers might need (weather, currency exchange, power socket guide).

Muji Apps | Daring Fireball

〈ミニマリストデザインと John Gruber〉

iPad and iPhone apps from Muji, the minimalist Japanese design retailer. As Kottke writes, the apps really feel like the products Muji sells in their stores.


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ビッグブラザー化するアップル、プログラムの死 | ギズモード・ジャパン

Big Brother Apple and the Death of the Program | Gizmodo



「Final Cut Pro」と「InDesign」もただのappなの? 衝動買いして評価の星つけたら忘却の彼方なapp? そんなことないんですけど、こうしてサードパーティーのプログラムアプリをどれもこれも一緒くたに「app」と呼び捨てにすると、アプリケーションの箔はガクンと落ち、アップルの偉大なるプラットフォームの庇護の下、ぶるぶる縮こまってるコンテンツのちっちゃな欠片みたいなイメージに落ちぶれてしまうんです。