Extracting a Toll From a Patent ‘Troll’

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Extracting a Toll From a Patent ‘Troll’ |

Floyd Norris:

It looks as if “patent trolls” are going to lose a big one.

The Supreme Court announced this month that it would hear two appeals of decisions by the federal appeals court that oversees all patent cases. In each case, the company that was sued for patent infringement won on the merits but did not prevail in having its legal fees paid by the losing party.

The court will decide whether to make it much easier for victors in patent suits to force their opponents to pay their legal fees. If it does so — and patent watchers generally assume that the court would not have agreed to hear the appeals if at least some justices were not sympathetic to the companies being sued — that could make it much more expensive to file a frivolous suit, and perhaps scare patent holders away from filing meritorious suits. Losing such a suit could conceivably bankrupt a small company if it was forced to pay the other side’s legal bills, which can run into the millions of dollars.

Supreme Court decision could force patent trolls to have skin in the game | The Loop

This could have huge implications. At the very least, it would force a patent troll to think twice before filing an industry-wide suit. If they lose, they risk everything.

Apple finishing up Mavericks as development shifts to OS X ‘Syrah’ with iOS 7-influence

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Patent troll Lodsys chickens out, folds case rather than face Kaspersky Lab

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Patent troll Lodsys chickens out, folds case rather than face Kaspersky Lab | Ars Technica

After two years, its notorious patents were going to a jury. Lodsys blinked.

Lodsys decided over the weekend to dismiss its case against Kaspersky with prejudice. Instead of facing a jury, Lodsys will slink away instead. It was an unconditional surrender.

Lodsys blinks | Jim Dalrymple

Judge tosses Apple motion, allows patent troll Lodsys to continue rampage

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Judge tosses Apple motion, allows patent troll Lodsys to continue rampage | Ars Technica

After two years, judge lets Lodsys settle cases, refuses to hear Apple’s motion.

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The White House Takes Aim at Patent Trolls

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Jay Carney

Fact Sheet: White House Task Force on High-Tech Patent Issues | The White House

The White House Takes Aim at Patent Trolls | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Frustration with patent trolls, and momentum for reform, has been building for some time now. Today, the stakes got even higher when the White House announced that it was actively taking on the troll problem. This is big news, and not just because of the seven legislative proposals the White House recommends (more on those below). Even more important are the five executive actions the President intends to take with or without congressional help.

The news here is good.

Tech Firms Back Obama Patent Move |

The White House announced a set of executive actions and policy recommendations Tuesday aimed at preventing certain patent-holding firms, known as “patent trolls” to their detractors, from abusing the patent system.

The Obama administration’s actions are intended to target firms that have forced technology companies, financial institutions and others into costly litigation to protect their products. These patent-holding firms amass portfolios of patents and focus on pursuing licensing fees rather than using the patents to build new products.

Obama goes after patent trolls | The Loop

Obama Issues Orders to Stop ‘Patent Trolls’ |

Why patent trolls will laugh in the face of the US government’s weak attempts to fight them | Quartz

Apple, betrayed by its own law firm

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Apple, betrayed by its own law firm | Ars Technica

Court documents unsealed this week reveal who’s behind FlatWorld, and it’s anything but typical. FlatWorld is partly owned by the named inventor on the patents, a Philadelphia design professor named Slavko Milekic. But 35 percent of the company has been quietly controlled by an attorney at one of Apple’s own go-to law firms, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius. E-mail logs show that the attorney, John McAleese, worked together with his wife and began planning a wide-ranging patent attack against Apple’s touch-screen products in January 2007—just days after the iPhone was revealed to the world.

Apple betrayed by its own lawyer | The Loop

That’s almost too crazy to believe.

Apple Facing Touchscreen Patent Lawsuit, Filed by Attorney at Apple’s Own Law Firm | Daring Fireball

One of the most bizarre patent troll stories I’ve ever seen.

Rumors of OS X 10.9’s “delay” are unfounded

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Mozilla Unlocks the Power of the Web on Mobile with Firefox OS

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Apple Updates iOS to 6.1

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Apple Updates iOS to 6.1 | Apple – Press Info

– LTE support for more carriers (a complete list of iPad and iPhone LTE carriers is available online).
– Purchase movie tickets through Fandango using Siri (USA only)
– iTunes Match subscribers can now download individual songs from iCloud
– New button to reset the Advertising Identifier

iOS 6.1 released | The Loop

Apple: iOS 6 already on 300 million devices | The Loop

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I’m getting sick of making excuses

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I’m getting sick of making excuses | HD mini lite (Pro)

Every time I have to explain one of OS X’s bizarre, (sometimes arguably) buggy behaviors or windowing idiosyncrasies to my father in law, I dearly wish the iPad had been out when he was in the market.

Exhibit A: Open Mail, find a message with a zip attachment, and double-click it. Nothing happens? Oh something happened. Archive Utility opened to work its magic on the zip file, but you missed its appearance in the Dock if you blinked. Don’t see anything else? Of course you don’t, because Finder opened a new window to reveal the spoils of Archive Utility’s victory behind Mail and didn’t bother to tell you. No Dock bounce, no Finder brought to the foreground to show you the folder.

David Chartier Is Sick of Making Excuses for Mac OS X | Daring Fireball

Great example. iOS enforces a visual obviousness that makes computing better for nearly everyone. If you do something, the result will be shown to you, front and center.

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