Yosemite のデザインを詳しく見る

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The New Look of OS X Yosemite – YouTube | Apple

Mac OS X Yosemite Under the Magnifying Glass | BOLD by Pixelapse

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Patent troll on the verge of winning 1 percent of iPhone revenue | Ars Technica

Apple declines to join Microsoft in funding patent troll Intellectual Ventures

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Improving the State of 4K Display Support Under OS X

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Hands-on with Samsung’s Tizen OS: An impressively capable Android clone

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Apple releases security patch via iOS 7.0.6

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Behind iPhone’s Critical Security Bug, a Single Bad ‘Goto’ |

An update to iOS 6 pushed yesterday fixes the bug there as well. Reportedly, OS X 10.9.1 is still affected by the vulnerability.

On the Timing of iOS’s SSL Vulnerability and Apple’s ‘Addition’ to the NSA’s PRISM Program | Daring Fireball

So if this bug, now closed, is not what the NSA was exploiting, it means there might exist some other vulnerability that remains open.

Apple’s SSL/TLS bug | ImperialViolet

Apple’s SSL/TLS Bug | Daring Fireball

Apple’s SSL/TLS bug |

Both OS X and iOS are affected. iOS has been patched already, but OS X hasn’t — see for yourself.

Apple releases security patch via iOS 7.0.6 | The Loop

たった一行のミスが・・・ | maclalala2

急げアプデ! 今回のアップルの脆弱性はかなりやばいぞ | ギズモード・ジャパン

Apple’s A7 processor chip may be in trouble

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Apple’s A7 processor chip may be in trouble | Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation lawsuit

Trouble brewing for Apple’s A7 chip | The Loop

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OS X 10.9 Mavericks: The Ars Technica Review

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OS X 10.9 Mavericks: The Ars Technica Review | Ars Technica

読むのが大変!2万4千語にもおよぶ John Siracusa の徹底的 Mavericks レビュー・・・

Siracusa’s Review of OS X 10.9 Mavericks | Daring Fireball

A Dog Named Maverick – The Talk Show | Mule Radio Syndicate

John Siracusa’s Mavericks Review |

37: A 3,000-Word Digression | Accidental Tech Podcast

Apple OS X Mavericks review | gdgt

読むに値するのは・・・:Marco Arment | maclalala2

Apple Releases Mavericks Mail Update to Address Gmail Compatibility Issues

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Gmail, Mavericks, and apparently suck together

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