アップルは iTunesPassを何故追加したのか?

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アップルは iTunesPassを何故追加したのか? | 林囓mac

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アップルは iTunesPassを何故追加したのか? はコメントを受け付けていません。

Apple’s iTunes Radio launches internationally, starting with Australia

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In the age of iCloud, does Apple need to maintain a monstrous iTunes?

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In the age of iCloud, does Apple need to maintain a monstrous iTunes? |

iTunes has been around for so long now, it’s starting to get really bloated and overweight. On the one hand it’s great that everything you need to help manage your iOS device, media content and more besides is accessibly in one place. But that one place isn’t necessarily the right place. With iCloud at their disposal, Apple could strip away pretty much all of the overwhelming store, and leave us with a stripped down media playing experience. iOS style apps would be pretty fantastic, but while we have to think about our Windows using friends it’s unlikely it would happen. Sending a big chunk of iTunes to the web would be a good place to start, though, and everyone could benefit from that.

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Counting stool legs

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Counting stool legs | asymco

Indeed, if seen in isolation, iTunes + Accessories combined is a bigger business in terms of revenues than any of the other phone vendors except Samsung.

Counting Stool Legs | Daring Fireball

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iTunes — It Goes To 11

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