The $550 iPhone 5C makes perfect sense

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The $550 iPhone 5C makes perfect sense | stratēchery


$550 for the 5C makes sense for 3 reasons:

Ben Thompson @monkbent

Moreover, understanding how market structure impacts the iPhone leads to the same conclusion re: iPhone in Japan

Apple Said Developing Curved IPhone Screens, Enhanced Sensors

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Apple Said Developing Curved IPhone Screens, Enhanced Sensors | Bloomberg

次期 iPhone はどうなる? | maclalala2

Is Apple Putting Flex in the iPhone? | WSJ

Daisuke Wakabayashi:

The curved screen would most likely mean that Apple is abandoning liquid crystal displays for organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, screens. That would thrust into the mainstream what has been a niche display technology.

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The evolution of the iPhone

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#Infographic: The evolution of the iPhone | TECHi

The evolution of the iPhone | The Loop

Interesting infographic. Take a look, see if it all looks right to you, then read the comment below it.

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iPhone Air Mockups Begin

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iPhone Air |

iPhone Air Mockups Begin | ParisLemon

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Metal Mastered

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iPhone5sシャンパンゴールド キテましたw でも例によってトラブルww

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iPhone5sシャンパンゴールド キテましたw でも例によってトラブルww | Macと美味探求





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Apps on iPhone 5s Crashing at Twice the Rate as on Other iPhone 5 Models

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Apple Reportedly Cutting iPhone 5c Production as Chinese Gray Market Prices Drop

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★And Then Steve Said, ‘Let There Be an iPhone’

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And Then Steve Said, ‘Let There Be an iPhone’ |


Fred Vogelstein:

It’s hard to overstate the gamble Jobs took when he decided to unveil the iPhone back in January 2007. Not only was he introducing a new kind of phone — something Apple had never made before — he was doing so with a prototype that barely worked. Even though the iPhone wouldn’t go on sale for another six months, he wanted the world to want one right then. In truth, the list of things that still needed to be done was enormous. A production line had yet to be set up. Only about a hundred iPhones even existed, all of them of varying quality. Some had noticeable gaps between the screen and the plastic edge; others had scuff marks on the screen. And the software that ran the phone was full of bugs.

The iPhone could play a section of a song or a video, but it couldn’t play an entire clip reliably without crashing. It worked fine if you sent an e-mail and then surfed the Web. If you did those things in reverse, however, it might not. Hours of trial and error had helped the iPhone team develop what engineers called “the golden path,” a specific set of tasks, performed in a specific way and order, that made the phone look as if it worked.

Behind the Scenes of the Original iPhone Launch | John Gruber

Fascinating piece by Fred Vogelstein in The New York Times on the development and launch announcement of the original iPhone, largely based on remarks from Andy Grignon, who was then the engineering manager in charge of the iPhone’s antenna systems (and who obviously no longer works for Apple; it’s rare to see the company’s code of silence broken even by former employees).

オリジナル iPhone のデビューは大きな賭けだった — iPhone 開発秘話 | maclalala2

Behind-the-scenes of the original iPhone introduction | Jim Dalrymple

And Then Steve Said, ‘˜Let There Be an iPhone’ | MG Siegler

iPhone 5s review

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iPhone 5s review | iMore

Rene Ritchie:

The iPhone 5 was a fantastic upgrade that never got the recognition it deserved. iPhone 5s builds on that foundation, and thanks to both iOS 7 on the inside and some gilding on the outside, perception is better reflecting reality than it has in years. It doesn’t have the 41-megapixel lens of the Lumia 1020, the physical keyboard of the BlackBerry Q10, the double-sized battery of the Motorola MAXX variants, or the 5-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The iPhone 5s makes a lot of tradeoffs that, while good for most of the people most of the time, won’t be good for everyone, every time. That means there could be other phones by other manufacturers that better suit some needs. There may even be another phone by Apple.