Carriers Reject a ‘Kill Switch’ for Preventing Cellphone Theft

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Carriers Reject a ‘Kill Switch’ for Preventing Cellphone Theft |

The emails, he said, suggest that the carriers are concerned that the software would eat into the profit they make from the insurance programs many consumers buy to cover lost or stolen phones.

Carriers reject Samsung “kill switch” on smartphones | The Loop

Police in New York Really Want You to Download iOS 7

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Police in New York Really Want You to Download iOS 7 | AllThingsD

New York Police actively encouraging people to update to iOS 7 for added security | 9to5Mac

NYPD touting iOS 7 upgrade for iPhone-owning New Yorkers at subway stations | AppleInsider

New York City’s Police Department is looking to cut back crime by informing iPhone-owning residents that they should update their devices to the latest version of iOS in order to obtain new security features designed to thwart potential thieves.

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Apple, Samsung Face Grilling Over Stolen Smartphone Epidemic

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NYPD forms dedicated Apple team to catch thieves and return stolen iPhones and iPads

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