Apple Finds Surprising Growth Market in Japan

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Apple Finds Surprising Growth Market in Japan | WSJ

An anti-Samsung bias in Japan is one reason Apple is thriving there

Ben Thompson @monkbent

Japan has been one of Apple’s best international markets for decades. So why is iPhone success surprising?

WSJ: ‘Apple Finds Surprising Growth Market in Japan’ | Daring Fireball

Why is the word “surprising” in this headline:

The iPhone was already the best-selling smartphone in Japan, before it was available on the country’s largest carrier, and somehow it’s “surprising” that Japan is a growth market?

WSJ: Apple Finds Surprising Growth Market in Japan | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

WSJ is surprised with Apple’s success in Japan | The Loop

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Japan lost more than a million millionaires last year

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Japan lost more than a million millionaires last year | Quartz

Nowhere is that truer than in Japan, which lost 1.3 million millionaires between June 2012 and June 2013, according to Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth report (pdf) released earlier this week.

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日本に現れ始めた変化 ─ 日航のエアバス機購入の事例にみる

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Here’s the big hitch for Abenomics

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★How Aflac built an empire on Japan’s unspeakable nightmare

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How Aflac built an empire on Japan’s unspeakable nightmare | Quartz


Matt Phillips:

The overwhelming majority of its profits—some 75% of Aflac’s pre-tax earnings in 2012—come from Japan and have done so for years. The company’s position in Japan has helped Aflac consistently outpace the industry average in profit growth. And the cornerstone of Aflac’s Japan business is one incredibly bleak-sounding product line: Cancer insurance.

If your business thrived on a healthy fear of cancer, there were few better places to be than Japan in the 1970s. Cancer was in the midst of a decades long climb that would eventually make it Japan’s top killer in 1981. It remains the number one cause of death in Japan.

In Japan, there was plenty of fear. There was also plenty of demand for insurance. (It remains one of the world’s largest insurance markets.) And there wasn’t a lot of something else: Competition.

It was seen as a small concession to the US, which had been hammering Japan on opening its rather closed economy. In an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution back in 2000, an insurance industry analyst summed up the view of Japanese policy makers: “Nobody is going to buy dreaded disease insurance, so let’s give it to the Americans. Let them have it.”

But they did buy it. Oh boy, did they, as some of Japan’s largest corporations gave their stamp of approval to Aflac’s offerings.

And the list of participating companies reads like a roll-call of Japan Inc.—Hitachi, Sony, Toyota, Nissan, Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Sumitomo Bank, Mitsui, Mitsubishi and thousands of others.

How Republicans in Washington are helping China wield more influence in Southeast Asia

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How Republicans in Washington are helping China wield more influence in Southeast Asia | Quartz

TPP を広い視点から考えると・・・

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Abe Orders Japan’s First Sales-Tax Increase Since ’97

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Apple Customers Escape Japanese Typhoon in Apple Store

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Samsung guilty of infringing Apple’s rubber-banding patent

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