Phil Schiller Exploded On Apple’s Ad Agency In An Email

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★Steve Jobs’s October 2010 Draft Agenda for Apple’s Top 100 Meeting

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The Six Juiciest Documents From the Apple-Samsung Trial This Week

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I.B.M. at 100 – Lessons in Tech Longevity |

Apple looks to be riding a money train for some time. Its current model is focused on selling its stylish devices; the company’s online software and marketplace (for digital media and mobile apps) are mainly servants of the hardware, pleasing consumers so they are more apt to buy iPods, iPhones and iPads.

Yet Apple’s product designs, however impressive, will eventually be mimicked and come under price pressure, just as the mainframe did, predicts Michael A. Cusumano, professor at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In time, he says, Apple may want to borrow a page from I.B.M. and rely increasingly on software and services for its livelihood.

The Theory That Hardware Is Easily ‘Mimicked‘ | Daring Fireball

I wonder if the professor thinks companies like, say, Rolex and BMW ought to shift to “software and services” too? I don’t think this guy understands Apple at all.