Apple’s little advertising crisis

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The Plus in Google Plus? It’s Mostly for Google

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Why Can’t Amazon And Apple Catch a Break on Madison Ave?

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Why Can’t Amazon And Apple Catch a Break on Madison Ave? | Advertising Age

Advertising Sales Are a Tough Slog for Both — And for A lot of the Same Reasons

Ad Age on Apple and Amazon | Daring Fireball

This iPad mini ad in Time is pretty fantastic

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This iPad mini ad in Time is pretty fantastic | TUAW

On its screen is the cover of the same Time issue, just as it would appear on the real device. The only text is the official iPad mini logo. It’s a great example of minimalist design sometimes being best, and gets across the point that iPad mini is capable of delivering magazine content — even showing what it will look like.

この iPad mini 広告は秀逸! | maclalala2

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Surface のプロモーションのつもりが・・・

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Bad Apple Promo Video 1996

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Best Dell Ad Ever

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Best Dell Ad Ever | Daring Fireball

The device in question doesn’t actually look much at all like a MacBook Air or an iPad. It looks like a broken chair.

Dell Announces New XPS Dockable Windows Tablet and Convertible Ultrabook | PCWorld

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iPad の「すばらしい」コマーシャル

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Newsday’s Ad For Its iPad App Is Brilliant | Silicon Alley Insider


Fly on the wall says Apple made Newsday kill funny iPad ap ad |

〈YouTube から削除された顛末〉

newsday ipad | YouTube


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クエンティン・タランティーノがソフトバンク CM に登場

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アップルも AdMob 買収に関心を持っていた?

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Apple Considered Purchasing AdMob? | Mac Rumors

AdMob Said to Talk With Apple Before Google’s $750 Million Deal |
〈グーグルに買収される前に AdMob はアップルとも話をしていた〉

Why Apple Considered Buying AdMob (AAPL, GOOG) | Silicon Alley Insider
〈なぜアップルは AdMob の買収を検討していたのか〉

Apple met with AdMob about a month ago, according to a source briefed on the situation. We first noted these talks last week, when we covered Google’s announcement that it had purchased AdMob. Bloomberg ran a similar story over the weekend, noting that “Apple contacted AdMob a few weeks before Google made its bid.” [...]

That’s not something it’s ever been able to do, except recently in its retail stores. So it seems that Apple’s interests in mobile advertising are about technology — at least, at first. We understand that Apple is interested in purchasing intellectual property, products, and people — and less the idea that it’s already purchasing an already-functional ad network.

iPhoneで成功した携帯広告のアドモブを アップルではなくグーグルが買収する理由 | ダイヤモンド・オンライン


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