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WWJC開幕!Cydiaの父Saurikが語る「AppleはiPhoneの本当の凄さに気づいていない」 | 小龍茶館

WWJC(世界脱獄者会議)2014開催!初日(4月12日)の様子を写真にて速報! | 小龍茶館

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Hackers Hit Mt. Gox Exchange’s CEO, Claim To Publish Evidence Of Fraud

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Hackers Hit Mt. Gox Exchange’s CEO, Claim To Publish Evidence Of Fraud | Forbes

Mt. Gox Hackers Claim to Release Transaction Details, CEO’s Personal Data | CoinDesk

Mt.Goxのハックで、Bitcoin残高と顧客口座残高が暴露か | TechCrunch Japan

Chaos Computer Club breaks Apple TouchID

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Unlocking TouchID with fake fingerprint. | YouTube

Chaos Computer Club breaks Apple TouchID | CCC

Chaos Computer Club Bypasses Apple’s Touch ID System (With Copy of Original Fingerprint) | Mac Rumors

Chaos Computer Club hackers trick Apple’s TouchID security feature | Ars Technica

Here’s what you need to know about the Apple TouchID “hack” | GigaOM

@timbray Pre-Touch ID, your … | Twitter / gruber

Why I Hacked Apple’s TouchID, And Still Think It Is Awesome. | The Official Lookout Blog

Marc Rogers:

Touch ID is not a “strong” security control. It is a “convenient” security control. Today just over 50 percent of users have a PIN on their smartphones at all, and the number one reason people give for not using the PIN is that it’s inconvenient. TouchID is strong enough to protect users from casual or opportunistic attackers (with one concern I will cover later on) and it is substantially better than nothing.

On the Effective Security of Touch ID | Daring Fireball

Clearly Touch ID is better than no passcode at all — which Apple claims is how the majority of iPhone users (and smartphone owners in general) have their devices configured. Further, I think it’s better than a 4-digit PIN. It seems far easier to me to spy on someone entering their PIN than it would be to capture a high-resolution fingerprint (from their correct finger) and reproduce it in way that works to fool Touch ID.

(The new lock screen PIN entry UI in iOS 7 might even make it easier than before to snoop someone’s PIN.)

Bypassing TouchID was “no challenge at all,” hacker tells Ars | Ars Technica

This Is the Most Detailed Picture of the Internet Ever (and Making it Was Very Illegal)

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This Is the Most Detailed Picture of the Internet Ever (and Making it Was Very Illegal) | Motherboard

An anonymous researcher with a lot of time on his hands apparently shares the sentiment. In a newly published research paper, this unnamed data junkie explains how he used some stupid simple hacking techniques to build a 420,000-node botnet that helped him draw the most detailed map of the Internet known to man. Not only does it show where people are logging in, it also shows changes in traffic patterns over time with an impressive amount of precision. This is all possible, of course, because the researcher hacked into nearly half a million computers so that he could ping each one, charting the resulting paths in order to make such a complex and detailed map. Along those lines, the project has as much to do with hacking as it does with mapping.

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iPhone Super-Hacker Comex, Let Go From Apple, Goes To Work For Google

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Hackers, A Video Remix of Hackers in Movies by Eclectic Method

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HP SVP suggests learning from cyber criminals and their methods

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HP SVP suggests learning from cyber criminals and their methods | ZDNet

SAN FRANCISCO — Our best chance at defeating cyber criminals is by beating them at their own game, according to Art Gilliland, senior vice president and general manager of software enterprise security products at Hewlett-Packard.

The near impossible battle against hackers everywhere

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Microsoft hacked

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Microsoft hacked | The Loop

The world’s largest software company said the security intrusion was “similar” to recent ones reported by Apple Inc (NSQ:AAPL) and Facebook Inc (FB.O).

Recent Cyberattacks | MSRC

Microsoft suffers from same hacking attack as Apple, Facebook, small number of computers infected | The Next Web

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We’ve been hacked

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