LINE が北米に弱いワケ

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No Time to Text? Say It With Stickers |

The task falls to a handful of top designers in Tokyo, led by Naotomo Watanabe, who create all types of stickers for Line users.

[…] “Our American colleagues asked us: What’s the point of a half-smile?” Mr. Watanabe said. “It’s difficult to express in words. That’s why we use stickers.”

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You Don’t Have to Tweet to Twitter

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Report: 44% of Twitter Accounts Have Never Sent a Tweet | WSJ

You Don’t Have to Tweet to Twitter | Above the Crowd – By Bill Gurley

The Value of Twitter | – By Ben Bajarin

Twitter as a blank canvas | Benedict Evans

WhatsApp is Different

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WhatsApp is Different | Om Malik

They are not just exceptional, they are a standout with highest rate of growth and getting to that point the fastest.

WhatsApp Is Different | Daring Fireball

WhatsApp by the numbers | The Loop

LINE takes on Skype and Hangouts with new, cheap, Call service

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The Social Conglomerate

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The Social Conglomerate | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

Go To The Mat On Stickers – The Talk Show | Mule Radio Syndicate

Ben Thompson joins John Gruber to discuss Facebook’s blockbuster acquisition of WhatsApp, the wide world of mobile messaging in general…

The Social Conglomerate |

Episode 001 – The Garbage Truck Song | Exponent

Hello, iMessage?

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Hello, iMessage? | Daring Fireball

WhatsApp の巨額買収をどう見るか | maclalala2

Platform or Perish | The Information

A New Glue For A New Kingdom

Google offered WhatsApp $10 billion

Why Facebook needed WhatsApp

WhatsApp: The inside story