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CS 193P iPhone Application Development
Title: Lecture #1 – Welcome to CS193P

//  main.m
//  Slida!
//  Created by CS193P on 1/5/10.
//  Copyright __MyCompanyName__ 2010. All rights reserved.

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    NSAutoreleasePool * pool = [[NSAutoreleasePool alloc] init];
    int retVal = UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, nil);
    [pool release];
    return retVal;

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Apple Can’t Ban “Rate This App” Dialogs

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Any Two Pages on the Web Are Connected By 19 Clicks or Less

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The End of the Web, Search, and Computer as We Know It

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The End of the Web, Search, and Computer as We Know It | Wired Opinion |

People ask what the next web will be like, but there won’t be a next web.

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A beginner’s guide to Web safety

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Keep it secret, keep it safe: A beginner’s guide to Web safety | Ars Technica

in this article, the first in a five-part series covering online security, we’re going to talk a bit about keeping yourself (and your business) safe on the Web. Even if you know what lurks in the dark corners of the Internet, chances are you know someone you who doesn’t. Consider this guide and its follow-ups as a handy crash course for those unschooled in the nuances of online security.

A beginner’s guide to Web safety | The Loop

The Web We Lost

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The Web We Lost | Anil Dash

The tech industry and its press have treated the rise of billion-scale social networks and ubiquitous smartphone apps as an unadulterated win for regular people, a triumph of usability and empowerment. They seldom talk about what we’ve lost along the way in this transition, and I find that younger folks may not even know how the web used to be.

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Impressive HTML5 demo

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Periodic Table |

Impressive HTML5 demo | The Loop

Unlike Facebook, thinks HTML5 rocks. Here is why. | GigaOM

Taking a cue from gaming business startup has reimagined HTML5 & come up with a new mobile app framework & a new rendering engine that helps HTML5 match the performance of native mobile apps. is giving a sneak peek at its technology, hoping to attract developers.

ウェブデザイナーには Retina MacBook Pro が必須

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Web designers: you need a Retina MacBook Pro |

Even though it’s a small market today (although don’t forget about the iPad 3), it’s inevitably going to increase substantially in the near future. Don’t you want to get ahead of that? Do you want your site to be ready the first time someone views it on a Retina screen, or are you OK with it looking like garbage for a few years until you happen to buy high-DPI hardware?

マイクロソフトのデベロッパ会議で WebObject について語るスティーブ・ジョブズ

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PDC 1996 Keynote with Bob Muglia and Steve Jobs | Channel 9
〈Via Daring Fireball:Steve キーノートの原点、必見! この時から Jobs は全然ブレていない・・・〉

Bob Muglia introduces Steve Jobs in this PDC 1996 keynote. Steve Jobs was President of NeXT Corporation and talks about WebObjects as well as taking questions from some of the developers in the audience.

WEB 2.0 とは死の武器商人に踊らされる紛争地帯

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地主制度2.0がいよいよ本格化 | fladdict


しかも、2.0の真のポイントってのは、下々が骨肉の争いをすればするほど、膨大な量の統計データがGoogleやAmazonに蓄積されていくことなんじゃあないかと。第一原則のData as next intel Insideの部分は全てサービス提供者に持っていかれる。

いかがでしょうか? 今現在、アップルやグーグルやモバゲーなんかで起きていることは、まさにこれなんじゃないかと思います。 逆を言えば、こういう兆候は4年前からほぼ進行していたわけで、今年になってからプラットフォームとか乗り出したプレイヤーは、多分ほぼみんな敗退するんじゃないかなぁと思います。