Airshow Tokyo

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Susan Kare のアイコンデザイン

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初めて HyperCard が登場したとき

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Hypercard | Internet Archive

An Introduction to HyperCard | Daring Fireball

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To Teachers | Liss is More

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Only Apple | Daring Fireball

John Gruber の WWDC 2014 に関する最も包括的な感想・・・

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Marco Arment と John Siracusa の WWDC 印象

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68: Siracusa Waited Impatiently For This | Accidental Tech Podcast

Swift の感想がオモシロい・・・

Code Conference に登場した孫正義氏

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WWDC reflections | Om Malik

I can vividly remember 2007, when Steve showed off the iPhone and in one quick swoop changed our expectations of what is a computer, what is a phone and what we can do with. That day, the world changed. Now it is Apple that is changing.

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Katie Cotton が最終日を迎えた

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