2013 was a lost year for tech

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Italy Google Glasses Application

2013 was a lost year for tech | Quartz

Christopher Mims:

All in, 2013 was an embarrassment for the entire tech industry and the engine that powers it—Silicon Valley. Innovation was replaced by financial engineering, mergers and acquisitions, and evasion of regulations. Not a single breakthrough product was unveiled—and for reasons outlined below, Google Glass doesn’t count.

Dear Quartz, maybe it’s you that needs new glasses and a map. 2013 was not a lost year for tech | GigaOM

Om Malik:

But to label 2013 a lost year for technology is hyperbolic, to put it generously. What’s more distressing to me is that other smart folks are simply echoing the headline. I look at the world around me, and I find a technology landscape that is blooming. How can you not be excited about the idea of sensors, apps and data turning our phones into a doctor’s virtual proxy. (I live with a disease and my phone is as much a part of it, as my meds.) Helium-filled disk drives that can store more and more data? Breakthrough or boring. Depends on how you look at the world — as someone who loves technology or someone who loves the shiny interpretation of technology.

2013: The Year in Apple and Technology at Large | Daring Fireball

What a sad pile of piss-on-everything cynicism.

Best mobile product of 2013: Google Glass | Digital Trends

Nihilism, and why the tech press can’t admit to having nice things… | iMore

John Gruber on Christopher Mims’ “2013 Was a Lost Year for Tech” |

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