China’s mysterious Third Plenum

Posted in 中国 by shiro on 2013年11月13日


China’s mysterious Third Plenum | BBC News

Third Plenum has ended much as it started:

Who Won and Lost at Beijing’s Big Policy Gathering | WSJ

Chinese state media released a communique summarizing the results of the four-day meeting, officially known as the Third Plenum of the 18th Party Congress, on Tuesday evening. The document, which underwhelmed the country’s Internet users, was heavy on imprecise promises to give markets a “decisive” role in allocating economic resources and pursue judicial reform, but short on details.

Such a result is a clear win for technocrats in the Chinese leadership— Premier Li Keqiang and his allies– who wanted to tweak, rather than transform, existing policies and approaches.

China’s Third Plenum: Xi Jinping consolidates power | Telegraph

An official statement at the end of the Third Plenum, which saw roughly 400 Communist party leaders meet in secret to plan a blueprint for China’s future, saw the creation of two new organisations that should boost Mr Xi’s power.

習近平借新機構展現政治實力 | 香港南華早報

Westerners Aren’t the Only Ones Flummoxed by China’s Reform Plans | ChinaFile