★An iPhone Tester Caught in Apple’s Supply Chain

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An iPhone Tester Caught in Apple’s Supply Chain | Bloomberg/Businessweek

アップルサプライチェーンの罠に落ちたある労働者の話 | maclalala2

Starving To Death On An iPhone Assembly Line | Cult of Mac

When Apple launched the iPhone 5 last year, it was the most aggressive launch Apple had ever attempted, requiring entire armies of workers to aggressively line-manufacture their most advanced, difficult-to-make iPhone yet. But what was it like to be one of those workers? Businessweek has published a fantastic, haunting investigative report on one Nepalese worker, who almost starved to death after his stint as an iPhone tester.

iPhone製造に外国人出稼ぎ労働者の搾取問題が新たに浮上 | JDNet Japan