★Are Operations Like Flipboard Scams Against Publishers?

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Are Operations Like Flipboard Scams Against Publishers? | TPM

Josh Marshall:

But say, you find TPM on Flipboard, decide it’s great and add it to your viewing routine on Flipboard. Probably you just keep reading us on Flipboard. Clearly you like Flipboard or you wouldn’t be using it. So why would you start visiting TPM? You likely won’t. That may be great for you. It’s definitely great for Flipboard. But is it great for us? Not really.

Scams Against Publishers |

One of the reasons I’m sensitive to similar comparisons to Instapaper is that it was expressly designed not to have this problem: the vast majority of articles read in it were first real pageviews on publishers’ sites, found by the readers’ own browsing habits. You don’t browse Instapaper — you browse on your own and send to Instapaper. That little structural change makes a huge difference.

Are Operations Like Flipboard Scams Against Publishers? | Daring Fireball