Vesper: What’s New and What’s Next

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Vesper: What’s New and What’s Next | Daring Fireball

Syncing はどうなる?

Vesper 1.007 | Daring Fireball

Vesper and feature requests | The Loop

Dave Mark:

John Gruber talks about future plans for Vesper with incredibly refreshing honesty. Devs and product marketing managers, this is worth a read (and worth emulating). So great.

Technical Notes on Vesper for iOS 7 |

Brent Simmons:

You remember in Lord of the Rings when Gollum finally gets the ring and he’s holding it up and dancing around? That’s me and TextKit.

So happy together.

Technical Notes on Vesper for iOS 7 | Daring Fireball

Vesper | maclalala:temp

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