Bo Xilai Is Sentenced to Life in Prison

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Chinese Official at Center of Scandal Is Found Guilty and Given a Life Term |

The Charges Facing China’s Fallen Communist Party Member Bo Xilai | WSJ

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觀察家:薄案判無期 量刑有多方考慮 | 香港南華早報

Bo Xilai’s life sentence: End of the road? | The Economist

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With Official’s Conviction, China Calls Attention to Its Crackdown on Corruption |

薄熙来裁判 シナリオ通りも「反撃の隙を与えた」 上訴では仲間を売るか | 大紀元

薄煕来被告「罪のすべてを公開したら、4、5回でも死刑が成り立つ」=香港教授 | 大紀元

Pursuing Graft Cases at Higher Levels, Chinese Leader Risks Unsettling Elites |

What the Bo Xilai Trial Means for China’s Legal System | WSJ

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