China Drones Prompt Fears of a Drone Race With the US

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2012/11/11 中国製無人機 翼龍 [Wing Loong] (操縦室) command centre | YouTube

Hacking U.S. Secrets, China Pushes for Drones |

The Chinese military has not released statistics on the size of its drone fleet, but a Taiwan Defense Ministry report said that as of mid-2011, the Chinese Air Force alone had more than 280 drone units, and analysts say the other branches have thousands, which means China’s fleet count is second only to the 7,000 or so of the United States. “The military significance of China’s move into unmanned systems is alarming,” said a 2012 report by the Defense Science Board, a Pentagon advisory committee.

China Drones Prompt Fears of a Drone Race With the US | PolicyMic

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