Rumeur: Apple’s next event to be held on October 15th?

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Rumeur: Apple’s next event to be held on October 15th? | 9to5Mac

Mark Gurman の第一報

According to France-based MacGeneration, which has offered both accurate and inaccurate information in the past, Apple’s next media event will be held on Tuesday, October 15th.

Des stocks d’iMac au plus bas et un special event le 15 octobre |

Selon les derniers bruits de couloir, Apple tiendra un nouveau special event aux alentours du 15 octobre. La firme de Cupertino devrait y présenter les nouveaux iPad — en profitera-t-elle pour glisser un mot au sujet des Mac Haswell ?

[According to the latest gossip, Apple held a special event again around October 15. The Cupertino company will present the new iPad – as she take the opportunity to say a word about the Mac Haswell?]

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