Gruber and Jackassery

Posted in ひと by shiro on 2013年6月22日


It’s Been a While Since I’ve Done the Thing Where I Quote the Entirety (or Nearly So) of an Article and Then Dissect/Comment Upon It Line-by-Line, but I Do Still Have a Taste for It, Even Though in This Particular Case It’s a Month Late | Daring Fireball

There are indeed many search results on Daring Fireball for “jackass”, but I regret almost none of them. I’ve used the word very deliberately, and I hope consistently, to describe people who are, in fact, jackasses. To call a jackass a jackass may be impolite, but it is not inaccurate or unfair.

Gruber and Jackassery | The Loop

(there’s just no way I’m copying this entire title) |

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