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Vesper |

Vesper | Daring Fireball

このところ Gruber がスローだったのはそういうワケだったか・・・

iHow We Work Together |

Since I’m always interested in hearing what other teams use to work together and ship their software, I figure I should list what we use to work together on Vesper.

Meet Vesper, a notes app with an all-star development team | Macworld

It’s simple enough not to get in my way with a lot of fiddly organizational features, but provides me with more structure than something like the Notes app. Tagging notes made a lot of sense — I immediately made Work, Writing, and Recipes tags. I commingled work notes, ideas for my novel, a favorite recipe for buttermilk biscuits, and an idea for my podcast without any trouble. Once I started treating it as the iPhone equivalent of a small paper notebook tucked into a pocket, it all began to fit.

Vesper for iPhone review: Collect your thoughts with one part notes app, one part lists app, shaken, not stirred |

Debug 15: Simmons, Wiskus, Gruber, and Vesper |

Apple blogger turns Apple app maker, launches Vesper note-taking app | GigaOM

Vesper Review: Collect Your Thoughts | MacStories

Vesper |

The best thing I can tell you about Vesper is that the app reflects its creators. I imagine they’ll add sync in time because it’s critical and very useful — otherwise, I don’t expect Vesper to get many more features.

But every feature in the app is extremely deliberate and thought-out: every mechanic, every restriction, every interaction, every animation. Every detail.

It’s a nuanced, polished app that’s pleasant to use and exudes craftsmanship. Simple flavors, executed extremely well. A vesper.

Vesper | The Loop

Vesper. | ParisLemon



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