Apple Shifts Supply Chain Away From Foxconn to Pegatron

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Apple Shifts Supply Chain Away From Foxconn to Pegatron |

Executive changes at Apple have also made a difference. Mr. Jobs had been easier at forgiving his favorite manufacturing partner, according to several people familiar with the relationship. Now, instead of relying on the uniquely close partnership between “two leaders with a hero complex”—as one of the people said—Mr. Cook is putting a greater premium on risk diversification, they said.

Pegatron Corp., named after the flying horse Pegasus, will be the primary assembler of a low-cost iPhone expected to be offered later this year.

Report: Apple picks Pegatron to build low-cost iPhone, not longtime partner Foxconn | GigaOM

Pegatron is already an Apple partner — it made some iPhones and the iPad mini — but is set to take on a larger role, according to the WSJ. Apple will reportedly be “dividing its weight more equally” among it and Foxconn

Apple Shifts Away From Foxconn | ParisLemon