Bloomberg Admits Terminal Snooping

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Holding Ourselves Accountable | Bloomberg

説明責任を果たす-ニュース編集主幹M・ウィンクラー | Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s culture is all about omniscience, down to the last keystroke | Quartz

全知全能のブルームバーグ | maclalala2

Bloomberg Admits Terminal Snooping |

Bloomberg Wall Between News and Data Came Late |

社内カルチャーが生んだブルームバーグの顧客情報閲覧問題 |

Bloomberg News Busted For Spying on Bankers | AllThingsD

The Bloomberg Spy Scandal Chart | Business Insider

Bloomberg Rocked By Terminal Spying Scandal | The Huffington Post

Bloomberg Terminal Spying Targeted Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner: CNBC | The Huffington Post

How is Bloomberg’s snooping different from News Corp.’s phone hacks? | PandoDaily

The Most Powerful People in New York – Inside Mayor Bloomberg’s Bullpen | New York Magazine

何をやっていた? ブルームバーグ | 闇株新聞


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