Horace Dediu talks about analysts

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Horace Dediu on the bad habits of Apple analysts and why Tim Cook shouldn’t be fired | The Next Web

So paradoxically, the opinion of those who are highly paid should be treated with suspicion while the opinion of those subject to peer review should be treated with respect. It brings to mind the difference between highly paid fortune tellers and pundits whose methods are obscure vs. poorly paid graduate students whose methods are open to all. Whose opinion is worth more?”

Horace Dediu talks about analysts | The Loop

The Critical Path #83: The Analyst Taxonomy | 5by5

The Next Web インタビューで引用された発言についての Dediu の説明。ジャーナリストやアナリストに対する考え方が分かって興味深い・・・

The Critical Path #83: The Analyst Taxonomy | asymco

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