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Apple wows market with record $17 billion bond deal | Reuters

Apple Inc wowed the debt markets on Tuesday with the largest non-bank bond deal in history, offering a whopping $17 billion for sale as the U.S. computer giant switches strategy to placate restless shareholders.

Sources said investors could barely submit orders fast enough to get in on the deal from Apple, the only major tech company without a single penny of debt on its books.

Apple to Sell $17 Billion in Bonds |

Apple Inc. sold the largest corporate-bond deal in history Tuesday, a $17 billion offering investors hungrily gobbled up.

Apple Sets a New Kind of Record: $17 Billion in Debt | Businessweek

Apple’s $17 billion bond deal | The Loop

米アップルが、初めての社債発行へ―応募殺到か (ウォール・ストリート・ジャーナル) | Yahoo!ニュース

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