Sergey Brin: Smartphones are ‘emasculating’

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Sergey Brin: Smartphones are ‘emasculating’ | CNET News

‘emasculating’ とはスゴい言いようだ・・・

Speaking at the TED Conference today in Long Beach, Calif., Brin told the audience that smartphones are “emasculating.” “You’re standing around and just rubbing this featureless piece of glass,” he said.

Sergey Brin with Google Glass at TED2013 | TED Blog

“It’s a little freaky at first, but you get used to it”: Sergey Brin and Google Glass at TED2013

Sergey Brin, With a Computer Strapped to His Head, Covering One of His Eyes, Tells TED Audience Smartphones Are ‘Emasculating‘ | Daring Fireball

Look at the fucking picture of him up there. We’re taking advice on cool from this guy? Seriously?

I can see the argument that dicking around with our phones in public is not cool, that we should pay more attention to our companions and surroundings, and less to our computer displays. Strapping a computer display to your face is not the answer.