What if “watch” is the wrong word?

Posted in アップル, ウワサ by shiro on 2013年2月14日


What if “watch” is the wrong word? | 52 Tiger

Imagine that Apple isn’t specifically designing a watch, but the next step in its portable devices. Something that does much of what iOS devices do today, only in a novel way, and is smaller than current devices.

Perhaps “watch” is the wrong word | The Loop

On Watch Rumors | Minimal Mac

And here, in a single image, is why we have no idea what Apple may or may not be working on, why it is useless to speculate about it, and why almost anything we can think it might be act or look like is likely wrong.

On Watch Rumors | ParisLemon

《Update:「時計」と呼ぶかどうか》 | maclalala2