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Apple $1000: Why it’s time to buy | Bullish Cross

History has repeatedly taught us that the best time to buy Apple is when the bearish sentiment in the stock has reached the pinnacle of extreme pessimism. When every guest on CNBC is calling for the imminent demise of Apple, when every headline is making a case for why Apple has peaked, and when the stock continues to slide by over a 2% a day right in the face of a market rally, that’s when you know it’s time to buy.

The last two times we publicly advised investors to buy Apple was on Thursday, May 17, 2012 when Apple was at $530 a share and on Friday, June 17, 2011 when Apple was at $320 a share. In both cases, Apple bottomed out on the following trading session and then went on a 30%+ rally. We have only ever published five public buy recommendations on Apple and each one was published within a few days of Apple’s final bottom. We have never missed a long-term price-target on Apple.

Apple is very cheap at these levels and is getting very close to a final bottom. While it could very well rebound and then struggle a little after earnings, the fact of the matter is, Apple at $630 a share presents us with an extraordinary buying opportunity. The stock is headed straight for $1000 a share. Don’t get too caught up in bearish sentiment. It’s time to buy Apple.

Bullish Cross: ‘Apple $1000: Why It’s Time to Buy‘ | Daring Fireball