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How the Retina MacBook Pro got its EPEAT Gold rating | The Loop

Okay, so Apple gave itself a gold rating. If the Retina MacBook Pro didn’t pass muster before, it certainly can’t pass now — nothing changed. If the gold rating sticks then we call bullshit. Maybe Apple saw the advantages of having the remainder of its product line on EPEAT even if the Retina models don’t make it. Seems odd though if you think that Retina is the future of the product.

Amplified #15: Grab a Hoagie | 5by5

How did the new MacBook Pros get Gold-level green ratings? | Fortune Tech

Apple rejoins EPEAT, admits quitting was a mistake | Electronics TakeBack Coalition

It’s important to understand that the manufacturers grade themselves against the EPEAT criteria first, and then EPEAT conducts a review of this grading. That EPEAT review has not yet occurred. They can require the manufacturers to remove any product from the registry if it is not found to conform to the IEEE standard.

Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro wins EPEAT Gold status on return | Electronista

The sudden pullout — and subsequent return — of Apple from the EPEAT certification program it helped create increasingly appears to have been a dispute over the status that have been given to the Retina MacBook Pro if it were submitted, as the two 15-models with the high-resolution display may have been threatened with a lower-than-top ranking, a first for the company. The Retina models now appear on the EPEAT website with Gold rankings.

A letter from Bob Mansfield | Apple

We’ve recently heard from many loyal Apple customers who were disappointed to learn that we had removed our products from the EPEAT rating system. I recognize that this was a mistake. Starting today, all eligible Apple products are back on EPEAT.

A Letter From Bob Mansfield | Daring Fireball

That’s how you correct a mistake.

UPDATE: Interesting, though, now that I think about it, that Mansfield — who is set to retire from the company — took responsibility for this in the first-person singular.

Environmental Rating System: 1 — Apple: 0 | parislemon

A very straight-forward letter about a not-so-straightforward topic.

Read another way: We had tried to move away from an environmental standard that is somewhat arbitrary (and doesn’t even include all the things we do) in order to further refine our manufacturing process and do some new things that we want to do. Unfortunately, we didn’t consider the ramifications of this move with some of our larger contracts, like major U.S. cities, and the U.S. government. Whoops.

Right or wrong, money talks, we listen. We like to do things our way, but we’re not stupid.

Big mistake. Our bad. Pretend this never happened.

Apple Issues Statement Regarding Their Withdrawal From EPEAT | Daring Fireball

Apple would have been better served by issuing a statement like this before it turned into a controversy. And even here, Apple is not addressing the specific concern regarding the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display, which is recyclability.

Marco Arment on Apple’s Withdrawal From EPEAT | Daring Fireball

Apple Ceases Registering Products in EPEAT | Daring Fireball

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