Tim Cook の D10 インタビュー

Posted in ひと, アップル by shiro on 2012年5月31日

D10 Video: Tim Cook Session Highlights | AllThingsD

Live Blog: Apple CEO Tim Cook at the D Conference | Macworld

Tim Cook live at D10 | The Verge

Macworld’s Live Coverage of Tim Cook at Some Conference | Daring Fireball

Best line from Cook: “We’re going to double down on secrecy on products.”

Tim Cook at D10: In his own words | Macworld

Tim Cook at the D Conference | Between the Lines

But as always when a big-company CEO like Cook speaks, the most interesting stuff is what he didn’t say.

Tim Cook at the D Conference: Between the Lines | Daring Fireball

Beneath contempt: The Apple TV business model | asymco

Horace Dediu on the Apple TV Business Model | Daring Fireball

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