Posted in 原発事故, 放射能汚染 by shiro on 2011年6月19日

[汚染水浄化システム | Photo

Tepco Halts Filtering of Tainted Water at Japanese Plant |

Filtering Water at Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan |

The new filtration system still faces many hurdles. The companies operating it, including Areva from France and Kurion from the United States, have little experience working with seawater. And Tepco must still dispose of the radioactive material that is being sifted out of the wastewater; it is mixed with a chemical agent to create a toxic sludge.

汚染水浄化、5時間で停止=装置で高線量、放射能の泥か-1週間以内の再開目指す | 時事ドットコム

【緊急提言】小出裕章さん 高濃度汚染水の処理方法 | YouTube

UN nuclear report shows Japan safety flaws | Al Jazeera English


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