アップルは7インチ iPad を出す[Tim Bray]、出さない[John Gruber]

Posted in Apple, アップル by shiro on 2011年1月1日


7 inch ipad Epad

Year-end View of the Mobile Market | ongoing by Tim Bray

Apple will totally do a 7” device. Anyone who’s spent quality time reading books or playing games on the Galaxy Tab knows; there’s a great big hole in the ecosystem that needs something bigger than a handset but that still fits in one hand and you can use for four hours in a row sitting up. This argument is over.

More Than One Way to Skin a Cat | Daring Fireball

There are all sorts of reasons why Apple probably doesn’t want to release a 7-inch iPad. But I say take a step back, and think only about the problem. The problem is that it’s nice, for certain tasks, to be able to hold a tablet in one hand, but you can’t do that with the current iPad. I think Bray’s mistake is assuming that using a 7-inch display is the only way to solve that problem.

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