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Mac of the future: the CPU | Macworld

〈Core i-シリーズの第2世代チップ Sandy Bridge をマックは採用するか?〉

For the past few years, predicting the CPUs that Apple would put inside its Macs has been relatively easy. Ever since Apple made the move to Intel’s x86 processors, the Mac road map mirrored Intel’s road map: Intel would release a new CPU, and a few months later Apple would release a new Mac. It was like clockwork, and it removed some of the surprise from Apple’s otherwise difficult-to-predict product-release cadence.

But over the past year, Apple effectively smashed that clock. It all started with the MacBook Pros released in April 2010.


Intel won’t be standing still all of that time. The second-generation of its Core i-series CPUs (code-named Sandy Bridge) will come out in January 2011. Apple would get much better overall performance and hardware-accelerated video transcoding from these chips; their adoption in Macs is pretty much guaranteed.

I’d expect to see Sandy Bridge chips appear in MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and iMacs sometime in the first or second quarter of 2011; I’d expect the Mac Pro to get Sandy Bridge sometime in 2011’s third or fourth quarter. Given the recent release of the new models, I wouldn’t expect to see the MacBook Air get a serious update until late 2011 at the earliest.

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