IDC の 2010 年予想:iPad が登場し、App Store が世界を席巻する

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Idc Report

For 2010, IDC Predicts an Apple iPad and Battles in the Cloud |

The long-rumored Apple touchscreen tablet computer, or iPad, will arrive in 2010, IDC predicts. It will be more of an oversized iPod Touch, with an 8-inch or 10-inch screen, than a downsized Macintosh. With its larger screen, IDC says, the Apple tablet will be ideal for watching movies, surfing the Web, playing online games, and reading books, magazines and newspapers. It will be general-purpose, unlike’s single-purpose Kindle reader. The Apple offering, Mr. Gens says, “could deliver a real kick in Kindle’s butt.”

Netbook PCs, IDC predicts, will move beyond stripped-down Web-surfing, e-mail and note-taking machines, costing $200 to $400. More powerful models, Mr. Gens says, may cost $700 or more, though will still be extremely light and small.

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