How to use the words Innovation, Invention, Creation and Novelty correctly.

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Horace Dediu Illustrates Apple and Samsung’s Domination of the Handset Industry

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Review: Jony Ive by Leander Kahney

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Review: Jony Ive by Leander Kahney | asymco

This process-orientation is what makes the book stand out for me personally.

Leander Kahney の書いたジョニー・アイブ本 | maclalala2

The price is right

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The price is right | asymco

The Price Is Right | Daring Fireball

A margin of error

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★When Apple reached parity with Windows

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How many Americans will be using an iPhone when the US smartphone market saturates?

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The Five Year Plan

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The Five Year Plan | asymco

Horace Dediu:

If we include all iOS and Android devices the “computing” market in Q3 2008 was 92 million units of which Windows was 90% whereas in Q3 2013 it was 269 million units of which Windows was 32%.

Asymco: ‘The Five Year Plan’ | Daring Fireball

5年の変化が意味するもの | maclalala2

iPhones 5c and 5s launch performance illustrated

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An Interview With Horace Dediu: On Blogging, Apple And What’s Next

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An Interview With Horace Dediu: On Blogging, Apple And What’s Next | Forbes

Eric Jackson:

My 4 “must reads” are: Horace Dediu, Benedict Evans, Steve Cheney, and Ben Thompson.

I reached out to them independently recently and asked them if they would answer some questions about how they came to start blogging and how they see the mobile internet space today. I’ll publish each of their answers separately in the future.

Q: Is Tim Cook the right CEO for the company at this time?

A: I hold the belief that he’s been CEO for much longer than it seems. Jobs was not a CEO in any traditional sense. He was head of product and culture and all-around micromanager. He left the operational side of the company to Cook who actually built it into a colossus. Think along the lines of the pairing of Howard Hughes and Frank William Gay. What people look for in Cook is the qualities that Jobs had but those qualities and duties are now dispersed among a large team. The question isn’t whether Cook can be the “Chief Magical Officer” but rather whether the functional team that’s around Cook can do the things Jobs used to do.

‘He’s Been CEO for Much Longer Than It Seems’ | John Gruber

Exactly. That’s not to say Steve Jobs was not in charge, nor that he is not sorely missed. But Tim Cook has been, effectively, running the company for a long time. There are certain decisions and moments requiring leadership where the burden falls on the CEO. But much of Jobs’s authority — product design, marketing, media negotiations — now falls on the shoulders of executives like Jony Ive, Phil Schiller, and Eddy Cue.

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