Mt. Gox faced questions on handling client cash long before crisis

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How to lose $7,000 of gear and get it back? Go to Japan.

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The World’s Newest Island, Niijima

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China, Japan and America: Face-off

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Apple Finds Surprising Growth Market in Japan

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Apple Finds Surprising Growth Market in Japan | WSJ

An anti-Samsung bias in Japan is one reason Apple is thriving there

Ben Thompson @monkbent

Japan has been one of Apple’s best international markets for decades. So why is iPhone success surprising?

WSJ: ‘Apple Finds Surprising Growth Market in Japan’ | Daring Fireball

Why is the word “surprising” in this headline:

The iPhone was already the best-selling smartphone in Japan, before it was available on the country’s largest carrier, and somehow it’s “surprising” that Japan is a growth market?

WSJ: Apple Finds Surprising Growth Market in Japan | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

WSJ is surprised with Apple’s success in Japan | The Loop

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Japan lost more than a million millionaires last year

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Japan lost more than a million millionaires last year | Quartz

Nowhere is that truer than in Japan, which lost 1.3 million millionaires between June 2012 and June 2013, according to Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth report (pdf) released earlier this week.

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日本に現れ始めた変化 ─ 日航のエアバス機購入の事例にみる

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Here’s the big hitch for Abenomics

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